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Every year, millions of Americans access homeopathic medicine. In homeopathy, the goal is to treat illnesses such as asthma with a tiny amount of Whether you' re using homeopathic or conventional treatment, get to the.
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Due to the paucity of studies in the purely paediatric population, some articles cited included adult data. No trials analyzing the effects of over-the-counter paediatric homeopathic preparations were found.

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Homeopathy, a word derived from the Greek omeos, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning suffering, was developed at the end of the 18th century by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann [5] [6]. It soon spread to other European countries and the United States, in part because conventional medical remedies at that time were often more dangerous or painful than the diseases they were meant to treat.

In addition, homeopathy, by virtue of its purported nontoxic nature, appeals to those with legitimate concerns about conventional drugs [9]. Homeopathy is one of the most popular CAM therapies worldwide, especially in Europe [7] [10]. In the United States, its use has increased fivefold since , largely through the sale of over-the-counter products [11]. Homeopathy and homeopathic medicines should not be confused with herbal remedies. A plant, mineral or other product is chosen on the basis that it would, if given to a healthy volunteer, cause the presenting symptoms of the patient [12].

When given in a very diluted form, the chosen homeopathic remedy should alleviate these symptoms. Currently, there are over substances known as remedies in the homeopathic materia medica [13]. For example, a homeopathic preparation derived from cockroaches may be used to treat a form of asthma characterized by suffocation with an accumulation of mucus [14].

6 Best Homeopathic Medicines for ASTHMA Treatment

Another manifestation of asthma might be treated with a different preparation. Choosing remedies based on the symptoms rather than the disease itself is an integral part of the holistic approach to treatment by homeopathic practitioners [6]. As the remedy in its pure form would likely have some degree of toxicity, it is diluted and shaken succussed in a X or D for decimal or C for centesimal dilution in a water-alcohol solution. The higher the dilution is, the more potent the medicine. The precise mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines on biological symptoms is still unexplained [5].

For many, the lack of a scientific explanation for homeopathic treatments raises questions about its legitimacy [5] [6] [10] [12] [15]. The ongoing debate over its mechanisms of action is beyond the scope of this article. The practice and scope of homeopathy are varied. Homeopathic medicines can be bought over the counter without any medical advice or, sometimes, with only the recommendations of a pharmacist eg, camilia for teething. Homeopaths who are rarely licensed physicians in Canada may use varied approaches to treatment.

Some practitioners may also use other devices, such as electronic instruments [6]. Such variability in the methods of practising homeopathy is one of the reasons that trials involving homeopathy are difficult to conduct, analyze, compare and reproduce [16]. The Canadian Natural Health Products Directorate, a branch of Health Canada, deals with the concerns of stakeholders involved with homeopathy and aspects of its regulation [17].

Properly prepared homeopathic medicines are generally considered to have few side effects because they are so dilute [13].

Principles of homeopathy

For the same reason, they are unlikely to interact with conventional medicines. A review [18] of English-language articles retrieved from biomedical databases, homeopathic journals and symposia from to on adverse effects of homeopathic medicines and products was published in The authors found that the quality of information on adverse effects was poor and lacking in important details to assess causality. They concluded that there was a very small risk of toxicity of homeopathic medicines when compared with placebo [18].

However, they noted that there are reservations to drawing that conclusion because the mode of assessment of adverse effects was not usually described. Homeopathic products combinations of often-undiluted homeopathic medicines with herbal or other ingredients have been shown to be potentially harmful.

Choosing a Potency

One case report [19] of contact dermatitis baboon syndrome due to the ingestion of a homeopathic preparation of mercury was reported in Spain. A second report [20] of mercury intoxication requiring chelation therapy was reported in an infant treated for diaper dermatitis with homeopathic mercury.

It is difficult to link possible adverse effects to homeopathic remedies because they are often obtained over the counter. In some cases, homeopaths do not refer children for conventional care, whereas in other situations, parents may delay seeking medical attention while awaiting results from homeopathy [8] [21].

Another area of major concern is the negative attitude toward immunizations disseminated by some homeopathic practitioners. Another study [23] conducted in Germany among medically qualified homeopathic and non-homeopathic physicians showed that while classical vaccines, such as the diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and poliomyelitis vaccines, are well accepted in both groups, others are less accepted by homeopathic physicians.

Homeopathic Bronchitis Relief Formula – The Natural Bronchitis Solution*

Several other surveys on the attitudes of homeopaths toward vaccination have reported similar results [24] [25]. In England, a study [26] found that homeopathy was the most common reason cited for parental nonadherence with immunization regimens. Chicken or vegetable soup made with lots of vegetables is very helpful.

Rest interspersed with periods of moderate activity is important in treating bronchitis. The moderate activity is helpful in keeping secretions from setting and causing pneumonia.

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Place a hot water bottle on your chest or back for 20 minutes every day. This helps to ease breathing.

Prevent exposure to those things that provoke a reaction and try to keep any allergic reactions that escalate into bronchitis. When you catch a cold, begin appropriate treatment promptly. This may help decrease of developing bronchitis. The homeopathic remedies are known to be useful in management and treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis.

For complicated conditions consult good homeopath.