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Robert E. Lee was a leader for the ages. The man heralded by Winston Churchill as "one of the noblest Americans who ever lived" inspired an out-manned.
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I tremble for my country when I hear of confidence expressed in me. I know too well my weakness, that our only hope is in God. Despite being one of the greatest military strategists of all time, Lee was not an egomaniac.

Robert E. Lee’s Leadership Lessons

He knew his faults and planned accordingly. Historians speculate that had Lee believed in his own legend, he would have been far less cautious, leading to far greater losses. Lead and plan with weaknesses in mind. Stand still and you would likely be attacked by Lee, even if your army was much larger than his. In business and in life, standing still as the world passes us by, can be fatal.

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Lee was not intimidated by size, believing that a better strategy could win. Boldly attack new projects in the face of larger, but sleeping competition. Strive not to be important, but to be interesting. Guide your team into fascinating projects, be passionate about your goals and show interest in your people.

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These are the things that create winning conditions. When the war was over, he was admired by people in both the South and the North. Cory Galbraith is the President of Galbraith Communications, an international IT company specializing in online streaming. But are cloud kitchens too dependent on aggregators and will this dent their margins in the long run?

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The retailer association has said that the brands have promised offers or promotions during the festive season in the offline space. Lee, however, is a triu… More…. Lee, however, is a triumph. Future additions to this series should use this book as a model. Trudeau — whose volume on Gettysburg is also an impressive accomplishment — conveys Lee's story in a brisk and accurate narrative. Anyone looking for an excellent introduction to Lee's life and career should begin with this book.

Robert E. Lee - Confederate Forces Leader In America's Civil War - Mini Bio - BIO

Trudeau's account manages to omit nothing of consequence and to include enough fascinating detail to keep the interest of even the most jaded reader. Trudeau's analysis of Lee's decision-making is honest without being hypercritical. While there are no paradigm-shifting conclusions here, there are also no eyebrow-raising oddities or perplexing notions that often litter modern books on Civil War figures.

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Too many authors seem intent on grabbing readers' attention by tossing out concepts and theories that have not even the slightest basis in fact. Lee is — and shall ever remain — a towering figure in American history. Trudeau's biography opens the door to understanding this important leader, and helps readers to appreciate the man who became, through no fault or design of his own, a myth.

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  • Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. In studying past events, their failures and successes, we can learn a lot about leadership skills and style. Confronted by General Buford of the Union Army, Confederate General Richard Stoddard Ewell made a critical decision at the end of the first day that is considered to have had great impact on the following two days of the battle. General James Longstreet discovered, though the use of a spy, that Union forces had crossed the Potomac and were attempting to intercept General Lee.

    General Harry Heth would be the first division commander under General Ewell to confront the Union forces in Gettysburg the summer of On July 1, , Gettysburg became the meeting point of the Union and Confederate forces. General Heth had decided to head into the town of Gettysburg with a strengthened reconnaissance force. This clash turned into a full day of fighting that resulted in a decisive victory for the confederates. Union forces were pushed out of the initial defensive position, but began to rally and regroup on Cemetery Hill at the end of the day. General Ewell observes the regrouping on Cemetery Hill and initially is inclined to attack.

    He confers with his subordinates who suggest they need reinforcements in order to be successful. This decision became one of the most second-guessed decisions of the war. Many critics believe if General Ewell had pressed the advantage and taken Cemetery Hill, the outcome of the battle would have ended differently. Did General Ewell make the correct decision?

    Jackson died on May 10, , a week after being shot by his own troops during the Battle of Chancellorsville. General Ewell was initially resentful of this but eventually adapted to this style. As a division commander, General Ewell performed well, often defeating larger Union forces during the Valley Campaign.

    His reasoning was that each corps containing approximately 30, troops at full strength was too much for one general to manage in battle. So, with only General Longstreet left as a corps commander, General Lee had to add two new corps commanders. General Longstreet had the first corps, General Ewell with the second corps, and General Hill the third corps. As a new Corps Commander, General Ewell did not change his leadership style. He still required specific direction. The question to ask is did Lee realize this? General Lee could be described as a big-picture thinker.