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The Bible Challenge New Testament Study Guide will help you go deeper in your understanding of the daily Bible readings. The weekly lectures are given by.
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The New Testament

View Flashcards. Shuffle Cards. Front Back Who is Polycarp. Followed Jesus his whole life. He would not recant of his belief of Jesus so he was martyerd. Polycarp recieved and sent letters that include a significant portion of the N. Shows that they were accepted books and that they were familiar to audience. What books of the Bible are missing from Polycarp's letters.

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A summary of the 12 apostles and their teachings. It is not canon and does not claim to be as it uses the phrase, "the gospel says Christian upbringing, was sent to a gnostic school, where he learned that we must obtain special knowledge, the secret of salvation and knowledge is what salvation is based on. He was excommunicated from the Church.

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This provides us with a good and accurate description of what happened. He had a belief in two gods, the god of wrath from the Old Testament, and the god of grace from the New Testament. Jesus was not born of a virgin birth this would be physical. He like Christians believed that salvation was by faith alone.

He threw out all of the Old Testament and anything relation the O. He edited a lot of the Bible to fit into his views on how "Christians" should live.

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Our canon is a reaction to Marcion's edited version of the Bible, what he thought was canon. We don't have any of these. Which is probably good because we would idolize them!

P meaning, papyrus, the material used to write on in this time period. The number is irrelevant. It is a fragment of the book of John. Came from a codex book which makes viewing it a lot easier.

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A larger selection, we have portions of all 4 gospels. Accurately date to 3rd Century. Earliest Pauline document, including 10 letters of Paul and Hebrews. Contains some of the O. Easy to see because of Greek regular endings. Organized for everyday scripture reading. How would the original audience have understood it? Keep things in context.

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Time, history, genre, semantics, etc. Non-Christian Sources of history of Jesus. Roman write. Has given one statement about Jesus, "he was a cult leader, executed and lived during the time of Pilate and Tiberius, he is the originator of Christianity.

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Jewish historian. Explains Jewish traditons and culture to Roman audience. Writes with a more positive view of Jesus, he may have even been a Christian himself. His quote, "if it were lawful to call him a man". A scholars basis for not believing in Jesus is only speculation. Remember that they also have little to go by when concerning information outside of the Bible. Found in dry climate, this is how it survived. Contains sayings attributed to Jesus and some are even found in the Bible. Found many texts, specifically the Gospel of Thomas - series of sayings, earliest extrabiblical gospels.

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Asking, "what are the sources behind our gospels". Total Independance theory, proto-gospel theory, common dependance theory, interdependence. An event happened, it was interpreted in different ways by each different author. Problems with the Total Independence Theory. Meaning an event happened the proto-gospel was mad and authors interpreted from this proto-gospel. What are the problems with the Proto-Gospel Theory. Who wrote this Proto Gospel, wheres the evidence, Why don't we just use the proto-gospel? Problems with C. And improvements with it.

The gospels all have relationship to relationship to one another. Matthew to Mark, and Luke used both. Interdenpend Theory 2 2 Gospels Theory. Matthew to Luke to Mark Mark being a summary gospel. Interdependence Theory 3 2 Source Theory. Mark and Q are the original sources. Shows a not so strong relationship between the 2. Studying various forms of the gospels. How have gospel writers edited material and what can you get from their theological editions?

Thought it was an earthly kingdom in which they would kick out the Messiah and Jesus would reign on earth. God gathered his people, declared them his kingdom, they were not perfect, went through period of the judges, chaos God is rejects as their king, Davidic covenant, that God would build a dynasty, hearers would think kingship not diety of king.