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Table of contents

Due Diligence.

Employee Screening. Extortion and Blackmail. Forensic Accounting.

Private Investigators Share Their Craziest Stories

Fraud Investigation. Insolvency Practitioner.

Board of Accredited Investigators - Reginald Montgomery

Insurance Investigation. Intellectual Property.

The Infant Death Investigation: Guidelines for the Scene Investigator Cdc-pdf [PDF — KB] helps investigators conduct an infant death investigation using recommended practices and demonstrates how to report scene information to the pathologist conducting the autopsy. It is not intended to take the place of existing laws or regulations. The curriculum guide provides teaching and evaluation techniques for instructors who train investigators to conduct infant death investigations.

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CDC collaborated with a number of organizations and subject matter experts to create the following training materials for the investigation of infant less than 1 year old deaths intended for investigators and instructors: For Investigators Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation: A Systematic Training Program for the Professional Infant Death Investigation Specialist This training manual teaches death scene investigators how to conduct a comprehensive infant death scene investigation.

Chapter 5 Cdc-pdf [PDF — 5. Expertise Accident Investigation. Computer Forensics.

Due Diligence. Employee Screening.

Extortion and Blackmail. Forensic Accounting. Fraud Investigation. Insolvency Practitioner.