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The construction itself is unusual--more like a play, complete with a "cast list" and a . Two Women of London: The Strange Case of and by.
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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. January 7, - Published on Amazon. This is a weird story A bit hard to get the hang of, but once you are there, you just keep on reading. This is, in fact, a modern reworking of the "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" story. It is set in the London of the 's. You can recognize most of the main characters from the original story, but all are women: doctors, artists and lawyers. Men generally play a very small part in this novel - which, for me, is refreshing.

Stevenson's original novel contains hardly any women, except for a fainting maid. And all the things that happen in the original story does also happen in this book - but in other ways. An intelligent re-write! Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.

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McLaughlin, R. Horsehair Santa Claus and Other Stories.

Two Women of London: The Strange Case of Ms.Jekyll and Mrs.Hyde

Boston: Christopher Publishing Co. Leaf, Munro American Magazine v: Green, Paul Salvation on a String and Other Tales of the South. Armstrong, Anthony [Anthony Armstrong Willis ] Also The Strange Case of Mr Pelham. Johns, Veronica Parker Ellery Queen [pseud. Maurice Limat []; transl.

De vrouwelijke Jekyll. Antwerp: Uitgeverij " Libra ". Russell, Ray Playboy , March [reprinted in Ray Russell, Sagittarius , collected short fiction, ; ghastly gothic adventures of the son of Hyde].

Rackham, John [John Phillifent] Jekyll-Hyde Heroes. Berger, Thomas Chicago: Playboy Press [G C.

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Ross, Marilyn Barnabas, Quentin and Dr. Dark Shadows , by Marilyn Ross one of over twenty-pseudonyms used by Canadian author Dan Ross is the first of a series of 33 Gothic novels, many of them featuring a vampire, Barnabas Collins. Sontag, Susan Partisan Review 41iv: , Also in: Sontag, Susan I, Etcetera. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, pp. Sontag loved Stevenson and does radical justice to his story by casting Jekyll and Hyde as separate individuals, the better to identify them, later on, as aspects of the same person.

We first encounter them together in Manhattan. Jekyll wanders into a deserted cafe across the street and watches with interest as his breathless double keeps rounding the corner every few minutes like a hamster in a cage. Sontag liked the Jekyll and Hyde story because she understood the dangerous liaison between vice and virtue. Nation , Feinstein, Albert B. Dr Jekyll and Mr Mad. Gaines the original publisher of Mad Magazine as the author. Savater, Fernando Criaturas de aire.

Hyde en boca del Dr. Jekyll was performed in Mexico in written and directed by Luis Eduardo Reyes]. Estleman, Loren D. New York: Doubleday [presented as if by John H. Watson and edited by Loren D. We also learn that Jack the Ripper was…].

Jekyll appears and transforms into Hyde, placing the story in the mid s. Scott, Jeremy [Kay Dick [] Doctor Jekyll and Miss Hyde. London: W. Sanford, John A. The Strange Trial of Mr. He addresses the questions of psychological guilt and responsibility in The Strange Case of Dr. Thomas, Donald Jekyll, Alias Hyde.

A Variation.

Emma (Christina) Tennant Biography

Kessel, John Reprinted in Kessel, John. The Pure Product.

Tennant, Emma Two Women of London. London: Faber and Faber. The educated and spoilt Eliza Jekyll becomes Mrs Hyde, and the latter, through drugs, transforms to a more desirable self and into the art-gallery manageress Eliza. Jekyll and mr. Amsterdam: Gezellig en Leuk. Michele Serra In Il nuovo che avanza. Milano: Feltrinelli. The Jekyll Legacy. Martin, Valerie Mary Reilly.

Newman, Kim Anno Dracula. New York: Usborne Publishing Ltd. Publishing Library of Fear and Fantasy Series [retelling for children with added material, changes in point-of-view etc.

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Dracula Cha Cha Cha. New York: Avon Books. Knight, Amarantha New York: Masquerade. Mattern The Strange Case of Dr. Swindells, Robert Jacqueline Hyde. It's fun at first. But then Jacqueline Bad gets into serious trouble, and although she keeps trying to be her old self, the bad side just won't let go. Everybody respects him, you know?

At the same time it is a gripping first-person account of a juvenile psychiatric patient.

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Greenburg, Dan, Jack E. Davis Illustrator Jekyll, Orthodontist Zack Files. Thompson, Brian M. In Resnick, Mike ed. Sherlock Holmes in Orbit. Naugrette, Jean-Pierre ISBN X.